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10-4, Good Buddy!

Truckers show up a surprising amount in pop culture. They might be the humorous sidekick (Smokey and the Bandit), the hero (Black Dog, Big Trouble in Little China), or the villain (Duel, Breakdown). Sometimes just the trucks themselves are the bad guys (Maximum Overdrive). Ice Road Truckers is a whole reality show built around the drivers’ trials and tribulations in trying to deliver supplies to remote populations, and there are countless songs about the lone driver on an empty highway.

Most people don’t think about the logistical nightmare it can be to get things from Point A to Point B. All we want is for the shelves to be full at the store and to get our online purchases delivered in two days. If we give any thought to trucks at all, it’s usually trying to get around them on the highway.

As the summer travel season approaches, be aware of the drivers that keep our economy going by making sure everyone gets their stuff on time. And if you know any truckers, tell them thank you with one of our cool trucker mugs!

1. Merge

Whether it’s last-mile or cross-country, they’re out there every day. They deserve our appreciation.

2. Smells like honest work

You know when those things fire up, it’s time to start the day.

3. Stature

Even short drivers seem to get a boost from the sheer size of their rigs, and muscling the loads around bulks you up in a hurry. I wouldn’t want to arm wrestle one, is what I’m saying.

4. Right of Way

Don’t ever brake-check an 18-wheeler, or they might deliver their cargo into your lap.

5. License to Thrill

Yeah, it’s a bear to park, but I can carry everything I own in the back. And your car, too.

6. The Dream

I think most boys grow up admiring the big rigs. Fire engines seem to be the favorite, but anything with tires and a big honkin’ engine thrills us.

7. Bird’s Eye View

One of my uncles was a long-haul trucker, and he saw more ~ahem~ amorous encounters than he could count. If you’re not a natural exhibitionist, save it ‘til you get there, folks.

8. No Fear

Bad weather, bad roads, robberies at truck stops, load shifts, low bridges… truckers put up with a lot more than the average driver. It’s not for the faint of heart.

These are just a few of the trucker mugs we have available. You can also customize any of our mugs with names, quotes, pictures, etc. Pick up yours today!