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10 Ways to Fight Boredom

“I’m bored!”

We’ve all been there. Some days, you look around at all of your entertainment options and just go “meh.” Or maybe you’re stuck doing some repetitive task at work and your brain is desperate for some more exciting input.

July is Anti-Boredom Month, so we’ve compiled a list of ten things you can do to escape the same old routine!

1. Travel

The easiest way to break the same old routine is to leave it behind you.

2. Be Social

Call a couple of friends and go visit a restaurant or bar you’ve never been to before.

3. Night Classes

Get further ahead in your career, or study for a new job entirely! Other degree mugs can be found here.

4. Adopt A Cause

Getting involved in your community is a great way to expand your circle of friends.

5. Start A Book Club

Everybody gets something different out of a book, and it can be a lot of fun to discuss those differences.

6. Learn An Instrument

If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, find a cheap one and get some lessons.

7. Cooking Classes

Personally, I find it exciting to shop for ingredients and do the prep work for a new recipe.

8. Adopt An Animal

Sometimes boredom is just a lack of companionship.

9. Get A Hobby

You’ll probably find other enthusiasts to hang out with and learn from.

10. Get Outdoors

Exercise will get you revved back up.

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