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11 Best Lawyer Gift Coffee Mugs of 2016

Looking for the best lawyer gifts of 2016? Why not give them a Mugdom coffee mug?

Attorneys and lawyers alike love these personalized coffee mugs... and i'm sure you will too..

Too many days are spent at the office with a boring coffee mug by their side. These are the best coffee mugs any lawyer, attorney or paralegal could ask for. Especially seeing as Christmas 2016 is quickly approaching...

As a fresh-faced youth entering the world of work for the very first time, I learned three surprising facts about lawyers.

  1. Lawyers have a sense of humor
  2. Lawyers have a soft center
  3. Lawyers love coffee

Granting a client ‘the power of eternity’ instead of the ‘power of attorney’ became a standing joke that caused great amusement at the morning gathering around the coffee machine. It was a transcription error that, to this day, still makes me blush every time I smell coffee.

Another enduring memory is the range of personal mugs I washed at the end of every day. Prized mugs that had been the best lawyer gift, the best Christmas gift for attorneys and each had their very own special coffee mug which nobody else dare use for risk of litigation. To say that they were protective of their personal coffee mugs is an understatement. Each and every one had a story to tell about the person who had presented them with their best lawyer gift.

When the clients were around, coffee was served in those dinky little coffee cups with matching saucers, and an individually wrapped cookie on the side. As soon as they were gone, out would come the personal coffee mugs, ties loosened, feet propped on desks, as these smart legal eagles savored a decent-sized slug of their favorite refreshment in their favorite mug.

Caution! Handle with care; do not drop, do not smash or you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Fortunately, in 2016 we have a range of coffee mugs to delight the legal eagle in your life.

  1. Lawyer Christmas Mug

Ugly Christmas Mug - Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Law Degree

Awarded the best Christmas gift for attorneys in 2016. Just what they wanted!


  1. Law – the Best Players

 Limited Edition - "Law - The Best Players" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

Best lawyer gift for sporty legal eagles.


  1. Stop Breaking the Law

Limited Edition - "Stop Breaking The Law" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

May have to pop this one in the cupboard before the client arrives.


  1. When an Attorney Gets Married - The best Christmas present for any married attorney

Limited Edition - "Terms And Conditions" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

Sure to cause a stir at the engagement party.


  1. The Key Word is Alleged

 Limited Edition - "Alleged" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

The perfect lawyer gift and a great reminder of the first principle.


  1. Legal Decision Maker

 Limited Edition - "Legal Decision Maker" 11oz Mug

Tough decisions? Need a little help? This has to be, the best gift for attorneys.


  1. Don’t Make Me Use My Lawyer Voice

Limited Edition - "Don't Make Me" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

Ouch! Better wait until after the second cup.


  1. Law Heals

Limited Edition - "Law Heals" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

 The best gifts for attorneys with a philosophical nature. 


  1. Please Do Not Confuse Your Search Results with My Law Degree

Limited Edition - "Search My Law Degree" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

Yes, everyone is an expert these days. Very 2016.


  1. It's Friday!

 Limited Edition - "It's Friday" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

We know how hard you work...


  1. Paralegal – Just Like a Lawyer Except Poor.

Limited Edition - "Paralegal" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

And let’s not forget the paralegals, they may just turn out to be your lawyer one day.