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21 Hilarious Coffee Mugs to Celebrate Literally Anything

Ever miss the days of gold stars on your homework assignments? Those times when your teacher would praise you for finishing a worksheet or writing your name neatly? A lot of smaller celebrations vanish as you get older, and it's harder to keep motivated when no one notices your accomplishments.

Well, if no one else is going to throw you a party, you might as well do it yourself. And as long as you're celebrating, why not buy yourself a nifty coffee mug to commemorate the occasion? 

Here are 21 mugs that will help you put that gold star back on your figurative worksheets.


1. Celebrate: Finally catching them all

Pokemon Mug

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2. Celebrate: Defeating your rival in a shouting match

Goku Mug

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3. Celebrate: Not yelling obscenities while playing an MMO

Game Over Mug

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4. Celebrate: Stealing the life force from others

Pixel Heart Mug

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5. Celebrate: Storing your Lego bricks in a place where you won't step on them

Building Block Mug

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6. Celebrate: Resisting the urge to play "Wonderwall" at an open mic 

Acoustic Guitar Mug

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7. Celebrate: Not punching an iPhone user in the face when they say, "Oh, yeah, I'm a photographer, too!"

Camera Lens Mug

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8. Celebrate: Your cat threw up on an easily-washable surface

Cat Tail Mug

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9. Celebrate: Your favorite character is still alive!

The Walking Dead Mug

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10. Celebrate: Avoiding an argument about who the best Doctor was

Doctor Who Mug

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11. Celebrate: Resisting the Dark Side when it matters

Darth Vader Pop Mug

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12. Celebrate: Making No-Shave November last all year

Gillete Mug

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13. Celebrate: Having the best facial hair in your friend group

Shaving Says A Lot About Mug

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14. Celebrate: Winning a YouTube comment debate 

Law Degree Mug

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15. Celebrate: Not having the exotic disease you think you do

WebMD Mug

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16. Celebrate: Knowing exactly how to decorate your studio apartment


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17. Celebrate: Finding a work-around for a difficult problem

Good With Math Mug

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18. Celebrate: Leveling up your relationship status

Engagement Ring Mug

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19. Celebrate: Playing games that require three people

Happy Family Mug Set

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20. Celebrate: Rebranding yourself as someone more epic

Papa Mug

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21. Celebrate: Finally saving enough money to stop working

Pension Mug

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Raise a glass and party on!

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