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5 Mugs for Grammar Nerds

I was an English major in college, so it's not an exaggeration to say that much of my time in school was spent with people obsessed with grammar. I've been part of more than one discussion about the evolution of language and the way that meaning shifts as time passes, and depending on your personal definition of "fun" this was either fascinating or torture.

Whatever your feeling on grammar, there's no doubt that lots of people get fired up about it. Heck, just try using the wrong version of "there" in a company email and just watch how many people respond just to point out your mistake. You can make it a fun game if you can manage not to burn every one of your professional bridges in the meantime.

But maybe you're one of those people who feels less secure in their grammar knowledge and wish there was a handy way to remember some of the rules. Lucky for you, we've got a bunch of ceramic cheat-sheets you can study during your breaks.

Here are 5 mugs that will satisfy even the pickiest grammar nerd in your life.


1. "I Am Figuratively Dying" Mug

Saying you're "Literally dying right now" is one of the quickest ways to set off the grammar nerds in the room. Avoid the issue by using "figuratively" instead.

Figuratively Dying Mug

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2. "Don't Lose the Loose-Leaf" Mug

There's nothing worse than trying to call someone a loser and instead calling them a "looser." Don't let your opponents mock your grammar; use the right word.

Don't Lose the Loose Mug

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3. "Less Milk and Fewer Sugar Lumps" Mug

"Fewer" is used when referring to countable items, while "less" is used for a singular mass of something. Use this knowledge to impress someone attractive at a party; I guarantee it works.

Less Milk Mug

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4. "I'm Going To Add Two Sugars Too" Mug

Every time someone writes "I liked that movie to" I die a little inside. Maybe it's a silly thing to get worked up over, but at least three people I know are getting this mug for Christmas.

I'm Going to Add Mug

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5. "They're There For Their Afternoon Tea" Mug

And here's one for the most common grammar mistake out there. If someone hasn't learned the rule by the time they graduate high school, drastic measures must be taken. Which I why I propose this mug come standard with every college admission packet.

They're There Mug

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Let's hope these mugs can make a difference to the grammatically-challenged people in our lives.

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