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7 Best Mugs for Health Professionals

Are you looking for a gift for someone who works in the medical profession? A doctor, a nurse or perhaps, a nurse practitioner, who needs a special reward?

If you or your loved-ones, work in the healthcare field you will know about long hours, endless night-shifts, tired feet and sore backs.  

Every health professional needs a break and a great cup of reviving full-strength coffee may be just the ticket to stave off fatigue. It might not be what the doctor ordered but a hot drink, in a favorite mug, is sure to inject a well-earned dose of renewed energy.

Whatever the beverage of choice; full-caff, de-caff or herbal tea, the best gift for the healthcare professional in your life must be a personalized mug. Your colleague, family member or friend is sure to warmly appreciate the thoughtful gift you have chosen for them.

At Mugdom, we have a range of high quality mugs that will put a smile on the face of your medical practitioners. Humor is said to be the best medicine so why not give them a large dose with these, my choice of the seven best medical mugs of 2016.

1. The Prescription 12oz Mug

Seriously realistic, perhaps it is what the doctor ordered. Certain to be the best gift mug in the staff room...

Limited Edition - "The Prescription" 12oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

2. Trust Me I’m a Doctor 11oz Mug

An oldie, but goodie. Always brings a smile and the perfect gift for your doctor in the house…

Limited Edition - "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

3. Don’t Worry 11oz Mug

Reassuring? No, but the best gift mug for any medical professional…

Limited Edition - "Don't Worry" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

4. MD My Medical Degree 11oz Mug

Okay, we all turn to the internet for our first diagnosis. Sad but true. A great gift mug for 2016…

Limited Edition - "MD My Medical Degree" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

5. A Medical Degree 11oz Mug

Here is another one to put ‘net-heads’ in their place…

Limited Edition "A Medical Degree" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

6. My Medical Degree 15oz Mug

Give them an extra-large dose of caffeine with this stylish extra-large mug. The best medical gift mug for the man or woman at the top of their profession…

Limited Edition - "My Medical Degree" 15oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs

7. My Nursing Degree 11oz Mug

Let us not forget our nurses, they need caffeine too…

Limited Edition - "My Nursing Degree" 11oz Mug - Mugdom Coffee Mugs