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7 Creative and Unique Coffee Mugs

When I was a kid, I remember visiting a friend's house and seeing they had a living room full of chairs that looked like thrones. They were the coolest things I'd ever seen and I couldn't wait to sit in one.

But before I could take a single step into the room, my friend's mom shooed me away and said that the room was only for looks. The chairs were, apparently, too fancy to ever be used.

Thankfully, most people think stuff that looks good should also be usable for something. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of coffee mugs.

Below, you can see 7 coffee mugs that prove that functional doesn't have to mean boring.


1. Cat Face Mug - A mask and a cup in one

Who says you can't make someone smile while you're enjoying your drink?

Cat Face Mug

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2. Self-Stirring Mug - Drinkware with a whirlpool feature

Using a spoon is so overrated.

Self-Stirring Mug

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3. Golden Building Block Mug - Part toy, part beverage container

Your mom always said not to play with your food, but did she mention anything about your cup?

Golden Building Block Mug

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4. Marauder's Map Mug - A cupful of nostalgia

A color-changing mug that would make Prongs, Padfoot, Moody, and Wormtail proud.

Marauder's Map Mug

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5. Music Staves Mug - Drinkware with a musical flourish

Next time someone says their coffee has "chocolate notes" you can show them this.

Musical Staves Mug

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6. Star Wars Head Mugs - Flip your lid for a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader

You know at least some of the Ewoks on the Forest Moon of Endor would have had this idea.

Stormtrooper HeadsMug

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7. Rattlesnake Mug - May cause hissy fits from jealous friends

Definitely will not bite you.


Rattlesnake Mug

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Mugs with personality. I like it!

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