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9 Funny Coffee Mugs for Would-Be Comedians

I like to think of myself as a funny person. I crack jokes, make puns, and generally try to make the people around me laugh. And even though my best friends roll their eyes at my witticisms, I know deep down they think I'm hilarious.

Okay, maybe very, very deep down.

In any case, it's a sad fact of life that not everyone can be as funny as me. (What can I say? It's my curse to bear). But what about everybody else? What options are there for the chronically unfunny?

Conveniently, a categorized and curated collection of quirky cups covered in comedic commentary.

While you're waiting for your funny bone to grow in, check out this list of 9 funny mugs that are perfect for getting a laugh out of your audience.


1. Caffeine, Sarcasm, and Inappropriate Thoughts

For that perfect trifecta of humor.

Funny "Run" Mug

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2. It's Not an Act

Because why care when everything is transitory, and thus a cosmic joke?

Funny "Act" Mug

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3. More Middle Fingers

Cathartic, and funny when well-timed!

Funny "Middle" Mug

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4. I'm a Pacifist

Not only is it a play on words, but it's clearly not the definition of a pacifist!

Funny "Pacifist" Mug

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5. High-Five

If it works for WWE fighters, it must work here.

Funny "Chair" Mug

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6. Shut Up

Silence really is golden.

Funny "Shut Up" Mug

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7. Entry Level Employee

When you want to make them feel special, but not too special.

Funny "Entry Level Employee" Mug

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8. Flushing Toilet

For when the set-up is just as important as the payoff.

Funny "Toilet" Mug

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9. Autocorrect

And for the last time, I did not mean "ducking"!

Funny "Stop" Mug

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With mugs like these, you'll be fast on your way to being the funniest one in the room. As long as I'm not in it, that is.

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