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A Cut Above

I think every boy goes through a stage where bladed things are super cool. We all have visions of being a ninja or swashbuckler or knight. As we get older, that fascination tends to get shunted over to the practical. A good hunting knife. A well-balanced chef’s knife. Personally, I’ve carried some version of a Swiss Army pocketknife since I was a Scout, and I use it nearly every day.

Any serious knife user will happily pay a lot of money for the perfect cutting tool. Blade length, one- or two-edged, balance, hilt material… there’s a good business waiting to happen if you can make them to order. Even if you aren’t looking to turn it into a business, there is something very satisfying about the smelting and shaping and sharpening and polishing.

If this is you or someone you know, check out our collection of knife making mugs!

1. Not TSA Approved

The advantage of knives is that they never run out of ammunition. And you can open a box with them. Try that with your pistol.

2. They call me Steel.

I totally forgot “spy” in my list of daydreams up there. I don’t think I’d want a blade in my shoe, though; I’d be too afraid I’d hurt the cat.

3. Work? What’s work?

There is a huge knife museum in eastern Tennessee, packed with every kind of blade you can imagine. That seems like a dream job to me. And convenient! I wouldn’t even have to leave the building in order to spend my entire paycheck.

4. Just the way you like it.

Because it’s important that the folks with access to fantastically sharp items like your coffee.

5. Good Advice

You may say you’re tired of the heat and the noise, but you always end up back at the shop somehow.

This is just a small sample of the great knife making mugs we have available. And not to worry, if you’re favorite grinder makes swords or axes or some other weapon, you can always Customize a mug just for them!