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A Good Ol’ Cuppa

We’re all about the mugs here at Mugdom (obviously). And while most of our customers are coffee drinkers, we do have a lot of tea enthusiasts placing orders.

My circle of friends is pretty evenly divided between coffee and tea drinkers. It seems that so-called “Type-A” folks prefer coffee, while the more laid back “Type-B” people go for tea. I have to admit that, even though I prefer coffee, fixing a cup of tea on a campout is a lot easier. All you need is a way to heat up water and you’re good to go, unlike trying to get a percolator going over a campfire without scorching the coffee (instant coffee is an abomination). And tea drinkers have many more options when it comes to flavors, too. Mint and lemon and berry and spice and on and on. That’s not even counting the large variety of actual tea leaves available.

January is Hot Tea Month. If you enjoy a nice relaxing cup of tea when the temperatures drop, check out our tea sets!

1. Solitude - SOLD OUT

These clever sets are perfect for the solitary tea drinker. The lid of the teapot doubles as the cup, and the pot holds two servings (approx. 7 oz.). Available in three colors.

2. You and Me

This service for two comes with its own handy rack for ease of storage and display. Cups, spoons, and saucers are available in six different patterns.

3. You and You and You and Me

A classic set in bone white, this service for four matches any decor. Includes cups, saucers, and spoons on a convenient storage caddy.

4. Traditionalist

This beautiful set of 14 pieces has everything you need to prepare and serve your favorite tea in the style of the Orient. Available in 12 different patterns.

5. Classic Floral

A 21-piece tea set that makes entertaining easy. Transport your guests to an English garden.

6. Victorian Style

Bold roses adorn this 21-piece full-service tea set, containing everything you need to host your next afternoon gathering.

7. Grace Notes

21 pieces of stylish bone white china, delicately gilded with gold for a glamorous accent. (Note: Not microwave or dishwasher safe.)

8. O Captain My Captain

This 21-piece set is delightfully decorated in a nautical theme. A perfect service for those seaside tea parties.

9. Sing Along!

Invite everyone’s favorite cup and teapot into your home! These classic characters will delight kids and adults alike! Limited supply, so order yours quickly!

Remember, even if you don’t need a full tea set, a new mug for your favorite beverage is always a fun gift! You can browse through all of our collections here!