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A Single Step

That’s where all journeys start, whether you’re traveling a thousand miles, as in the quote, or just your local backcountry site for a weekend. The important thing is to actually get started with that step.

My scout troop camped once a month, regardless of weather. I’d say that 90% of our sites required a hike to get there. And if it didn’t, we’d have a day hike scheduled after we set up camp. That was just to tire us out so we’d actually be quiet and go to sleep that night. Whatever the reason, I learned to enjoy hiking, and go out several times a year.

November 17 is Take a Hike Day, but before you hit the trail, get your caffeine fix in one of these great hiking mugs!

1. Focus

One reason to hike is to get away from the office. Don’t bring all of your stress and worry along; that’s heavier than any pack.

2. Surprise!

My kids didn’t think it was possible to have a fun weekend without an internet connection. The wildlife, campfire, and great food convinced them otherwise.

3. Solution

I’ve found that as I’m hiking, I will often come up with answers to questions or ways to solve a problem without consciously thinking about it.

4. Metaphor

Mountain hiking is literally about overcoming obstacles. Carry that mindset into other parts of your life.

5. Metaphor 2.0

Different drummer, road less traveled… however you quantify it, don’t just blindly follow the crowd.

Hiking is just one of the fun activities you can do outdoors. Search for your favorite from our home page. Do you do a lot of things outdoors? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so you can toast all of them!