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A Whale of a Tale

One of the best reasons for traveling is to see animals in the wild, and few animals are as awe-inspiring as whales. From Jonah to Moby Dick to Pinocchio, whales have been the subject of myth, legend, and story for thousands of years.

Spring marks the beginning of whale migration from the warm waters of the south to the cooler parts of the north. Alaska is the most common destination, but California, Oregon, even Maine all offer the chance to see these creatures.

If you or someone you know can’t get enough of these behemoths, pick up one of our great whale watcher mugs!

1. Thar she blows!

Watching one of these majestic animals breach or jump is an incredible experience.

2. Google Translate: Humpback

Yes, talking about your last cruise to see whales counts.

3. I need a bigger bathtub

I think everybody has an animal that intrigues and excites them. For me, it’s squid. I blame an early exposure to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the works of H.P. Lovecraft for that.

4. Even if I’m stuck in the office

Hey, you can’t be out on the water all of the time, but you can still be inspired by your flippered friends.

5. Pod Humor

I’m a sucker for puns. Even bad ones. Especially bad ones.

This is just a few of the whale watching mugs we have available. And remember, we can always customize an existing design or create a whole new mug just for you!