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A Whittle Time to Kill

There’s something very casual-sounding about the word “whittling.” It suggests an idle activity; something to keep your hands busy in the absence of other things to do. This is opposed to “carving,” which implies having a specific goal in mind. Even so, I’ve seen some amazing pieces at craft fairs and art exhibits.

I’m also impressed when a whittler can take an ordinary stick and make a whistle, animal call, or tiny flute. I tried to make a bird call when I was in Boy Scouts. I can assure you, you would not want to have met the eldritch horror that call summoned.

If you know a whittler, we have some great gift mugs for them!

1. The Best!

I like to think that trophy was carved out of a small log.

2. Relax

Since I live in the rural South, this is true for many of my neighbors. Spending time on the porch just chatting and whittling. A much different mindset than binge-watching Netflix or updating your Facebook status.

3. Make it Stop

There are days when I say this, too. And I don’t even whittle.

4. #NoApp

I prefer that my hobbies not come with push notifications or security flaws.

5. Wood doesn’t argue

For everyone else, well, I do have a knife in my hand.

This is just a small sample of the whittling mugs we stock. Remember, you can always customize a mug with a name or picture!