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I’ve always been fascinated with up-close magic, sometimes called table magic. I admire the technical skill and mastery of simple things like card shuffles and coin manipulation, and it’s usually harder to figure out the mechanics behind the trick. The great big staged illusions you see on television might be flashy, but you know there’s a wire, or a hidden compartment, or a concealed stagehand. Plunge a sword into the box your lovely assistant just climbed into, and I’ll assume it’s a spring-loaded collapsible blade. Yawn. Change a dollar bill into a twenty while I’ve got it trapped under a glass, and I’ll talk about it for weeks.

Whether you’ve set your sights on Vegas, paying the bills by working birthday parties, or just winning free drinks with bar bets, we have some great magician mugs for you!

1. Of course I’m lying.

The famous magician duo Penn & Teller starts their shows by explaining that the audience wants to be fooled. They even go so far as to show how some of the tricks are performed. Of course, then they’ll take it to the next level and still blow you away.

2. Ta Da!

And then there are the tricks that need no explanation.

3. Smoke and Mirrors

Actually, my lazing around drinking coffee is just an elaborate illusion. Pretty cool, huh?

4. Examine these perfectly ordinary rings…

If you think that anything a magician brings on stage with him isn’t engineered as precisely as a nuclear plant, I have a bridge to sell you.

5. Uh oh…

One of my chemistry teachers in high school used to present different chemical reactions as a magic show. It was a fun way to learn what to mix (and what not to).

These are just a few of the magic mugs we have available. Card tricks not your thing? We can also customize a mug just for you!