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Adopt a four-legged friend!

Growing up, I always had pets. Cats, dogs, the occasional lizard or turtle. While I didn’t always enjoy having to clean out litter boxes, or take the pups out for a walk in the rain or snow, the constant companionship and love more than made up for it. Almost all of our pets were shelter rescues, and we gave them long and healthy lives.

May 18-20 is a National Pet Adoption weekend. Make your home a forever home for a dog, cat, or other pet, then celebrate your new buddy with one of our great animal mugs!

1. Going to the Dogs

Large or small, furry or sleek, dogs are consistently the favorite pet all around the world. The first domesticated animal, they are indeed Man’s best friend. You can find our dog mugs here, or type your favorite breed into our search engine; we’re always adding more.

2. Feline Mystique

I prefer cats over dogs by just a slight margin. They’re a little easier to take care of. My retirement plans include an RV and one of the short-haired breeds. All of our cat mugs are here.

3. We bought a zoo

These adorable hand-painted, 3D mugs feature many different kinds of animals. Unless you’re a Vegas magician, you probably don’t have a real tiger, but one of these mugs will get you close!

4. Farm Friends

You probably won’t find one in a shelter, but there are a lot of horses out there that deserve adoption, as well. There’s a family in my county that works with the SPCA to take in and rehabilitate neglected horses. More horse mugs are here.

5. D-O-G MD

Having a pet is just as much responsibility as having a child, and regular checkups are a big part of it. Thank your local vet for keeping your boon companions healthy. Our other veterinarian mugs are here.

This is just a very small selection of the great animal mugs we stock. Remember, you can also have a mug customized with your favorite breed, your pets’ names, pictures, or more!