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“Always Faithful”

You’ve probably run across the phrase “Semper Fi.” It’s short for semper fidelis, which translates into the title up there. The Marine Corps is the smallest branch of service within the Department of Defense. Established as a separate infantry force for the Navy in 1775, it was configured as its own branch in 1798.

The Marines are amphibious forces, able to fight on land and sea (and air). They are charged to seize and hold strategic objectives in support of Naval campaigns, as well as carry out asymmetric actions when required. They also protect governmental facilities, consulates, and persons.

People sign up to serve for many different reasons: to pay for college, to get some personal discipline, to learn a trade, to make it a career… No matter why they’re there, they know that they can be called up at a moment’s notice to fight and die for the country, and I, for one, am grateful that they shoulder that burden.

Memorial Day is May 28. If you have a friend or family member in the service, we have a collection of Marines mugs that make great Thank You gifts.

1. Oorah!

The Corps only takes the best of the best, and competition to be admitted is fierce. Their reputation and pride is well-earned.

2. You don’t even need Prime

One of the Marine Corps’ most highly-regarded strengths is the ability to deploy anywhere in the world within days, arriving with a mixed task force made up of ground, aviation, and tactical combat units.

3. Best just to keep quiet

My uncle was a Marine drill instructor. He could dress you down for a solid hour without repeating himself. Needless to say, we took great care not to irritate him.

4. Once a Marine, Always a Marine

The Corps encourages the idea that the title of “Marine” is earned, and that there is no such thing as an “Ex” Marine.

5. From the halls of Montezuma

There’s a reason “Send in the Marines!” has entered the common vocabulary.

These are just a few of the Marines mugs we have available. Click on these links for Army, Air Force, and Navy mugs. You can also customize a mug with your Unit, Division, Service dates, or any other special remembrances.