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Are you ready for Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival held in Bavaria, Germany every year, from mid to late September to the first weekend in October. It is the world’s largest folk festival, attended by more than six million people from around the globe.


While offering plenty of amusement rides and delicious food, Oktoberfest is known primarily for one thing: beer. Last year, more than 7 million litres of beer was consumed (1.85 million gallons).


(And pretty women wearing dirndls. Okay… two things.)


If you’re not a beer drinker, you won’t feel left out. Festival-goers also drank 25,000 gallons of wine, 291,000 gallons of water and lemonade, and 80,000 gallons of coffee (probably to offset the effects of the beer and wine).


If you are a beer drinker, but circumstances are limiting you to just coffee, you can still capture that Oktoberfest spirit with these beer-related mugs!


  1. Beer = Salad

It’s simple logic! You can tell your friends that you are having more salads. They’ll admire your healthy choice!


  1. 2 Things


Rule the backyard barbecue with our beer and badminton mug. Some may say it’s a weird combination, but hey, you do you.


  1. Luckin Fove


Don’t wait until October, proclaim your passion all year long! Doubles as a St. Patrick’s Day holiday mug, too!


  1. Hop to It


Ah, the humble hop. Here’s hoping you hold your hallowed hash hastily! Until then, a coffee will keep you in commission.


If you do decide to pick up one of these mugs, you may want to leave it at home if you travel to Oktoberfest. After all, mug theft is a problem, with over 110,000 attempts foiled last year. It’ll be a little easier to catch Steve from Accounting if he swipes your office mug. Pffff… Steve.


Remember, if you don’t see the perfect beer mug on our list, we also offer Customized Mugs!