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August Holidays, 2020

Happy July, everyone! Here in the northern hemisphere, we are about two weeks into the summer. It’s the time of year when we spend a lot of time outside, take vacations, grill out, and more. Both of my kids’ birthdays are in the summer, so they get to have those celebrations, too.

If someone in your circle also has a birthday—or any other special day—next month, mugs make a great gift! You can also enjoy these fun August holidays:

1. August 4: National Night Out Day

Instead of spending another night at home on the couch, grab a friend or six and go do something together!

2. August 8: Bowling Day

It’s fun to get a strike. And a miracle to pick up that 7-10 split.

3. August 11: Mountain Day

Going up? Looking out over the surrounding landscape is very satisfying after working to get there.

4. August 15: World Honeybee Day

Bees are an incredibly important part of the food chain. Help protect them.

5. August 27: National Just Because Day

Treat a friend, coworker, family member, or even yourself. No reason; just because!

6. 2nd Week: National Smile Week

Smiling—even if you’re just doing it for show—releases endorphins. That can make you smile for real.

7. All Month: Back to School Month

When you’re a kid, summer break seems to blow by so fast. As a parent, it can seem so much longer.

8. All Month: National Golf Month

You can argue whether it’s a real sport or not, but whatever you call it, it’s good exercise and a great excuse to be outside.

If none of these strike your fancy, you can do a search for your favorite occasions, professions, hobbies, animals, and more from our home page. Have several celebrations coming up? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!