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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Culcita. That’s Latin for “stuffed sack,” and it is the root of the word “quilt.” Makes sense: top layer sewn to bottom layer, then filled with batting. It’s also what you resemble when you wrap up in your favorite quilt and relax on the couch in defiance of low temperatures.

Depictions of quilting go back about 5500 years. Ask any quilter, and they’ll probably tell you that the projects were half-done until about 1900, then finished in a rush over the past hundred years.

Quilting has one big advantage over other types of sewing in that they can use any scrap of fabric, no matter the color, shape, etc. There have been quilts with as many as 25,000 pieces!

March 20 is National Quilting Day, so if you have a room filled with fabric scraps, bales of cotton batting stacked in the garage, or rule your quilting bee with an iron fist, you’d probably like our quilting mugs!

1. The Hero We Need

And sometimes I make tiny quilts to use as coasters for my coffee mugs. Circle of life.

2. Priorities

Vacuum, and the floor gets dirty again. Wash dishes, and there are more tomorrow. Finish a quilt, and it stays finished. Of course, you immediately start on another one.

3. Head of the Class

If you ever do finish all of your projects, then other people can ask you to do things in your abundant free time.

4. Optimism

And you’ll make it beautiful, too. So there!

5. Rationalization

Anything you don’t have to tear out with your seam ripper can be considered valid.

This is just a sample of the fun quilting mugs we stock. Click that link to see the whole collection! And if your passion is a different hobby, use the search tools on our home page to find related mugs. And don’t forget, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping! That gives you a start on saving up for the most expensive quilt ever sold ($470,000!).