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Back to Our Roots

Despite a couple of surprise frost warnings last week, I think winter is well and truly over. That means my camellias will stop flowering and my azaleas will start. I know that sounds like I have some sort of master gardening plan, but everything pretty on my lawn was planted by the former residents, and my yard guy keeps them trimmed and healthy. If he didn’t, they wouldn’t have lasted this long, because I am toxic to plants. I can kill kudzu. If you know anything about the South, you’ll know how impressive that is.

Fortunately, no one is depending on me to deliver fresh veggies or Mother’s Day bouquets. (You did remember the flowers for Mom, right?) It’s best we leave that up to the folks who have the talent for it, and I will happily support them by going to the farmer’s market for my salad makings, local honey, specialty mushrooms, and sometimes even custom cuts of meat.

All of May is designated as “Gifts from the Garden” month, so if you have a green thumb, or know someone who does, have a look at our fun gardening mugs!

1. Be Prepared

You won’t get anywhere without the right tools.

2. A Calling

Now that we don’t all have to plant gardens just to survive, we can leave it to the people that enjoy it for itself.

3. How To

I just throw the seeds out the window and hope for the best. The results are about the same.

4. Let’s Science This

A former classmate is a biologist now. His passion project is turning old shipping containers into portable, self-contained greenhouses so everyone can grow what they need.

5. Countrified

The only other things you need are a checkered apron and a rocking chair on the porch.

These are just a few of the gardening mugs we offer. Click that link to see more. Need something else for an upcoming celebration? Use the search tools on our home page. As always, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That’ll save you enough for a few seed packets!