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I think we’d all agree that caffeine is a wonderful drug. It wakes you up in the morning, keeps you energized during the workday, and generally allows you to focus better.

As long as you don’t overdo it, of course.

Ever seen those pictures of spider webs spun under the effects of different drugs? The one for caffeine is all over the place. I get tickled at the image of a spider holding 8 teeny tiny Starbucks cups (all with the name spelled wrong), tapping a foot or three, staring at its watches, waiting for the lab guys to start the experiment. The responsible reports will tell you that the dosage is the equivalent of 900 cups of coffee in a human.

March is Caffeine Awareness Month, so we recommend getting a new coffee mug, filling it, and staring at it very closely. Just kidding! Go ahead and enjoy your tasty beverage.

Just not 900 times a day.

Here are some fun mug categories for you to explore!

1. Professions

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the folks handling my money, medicines, or court cases to be fully awake.

2. Hobbies

Sometimes our jobs take more than their fair share of time and energy. Refuel so you can enjoy your favorite hobby.

3. Names

Keep everyone else in the office from using your mug, and spread a little good advice, too.

4. Tumblers

For extra caffeine awareness, especially if you have a long commute.

5. Tea Sets

We recognize that not everyone gets their caffeine from coffee. These tea sets are for you!

These are just a few examples from our best-selling categories. You can also search for specific professions, hobbies, holidays, and more from our home page.