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Best Buddies

There’s a drive in most people to have some sort of pet. Introverts like them because they don’t demand tedious things like “conversation” or “socializing.” Extroverts like them because they can run and fetch and swim alongside. Some folks have practical pets, like the farm cats whose job it is to catch the mice in the barn. Others have show pets that are pampered more than most people. It doesn’t matter if you have acres of space or a teeny-tiny apartment, you can find the right sized critter to keep you company.

Here’s a list of some popular pets. Which is your favorite?

1. Dogs

The most popular pet. Owners will argue forever about why their breed is better than all of the others.

2. Cats

Running an extremely close second in popularity, but number one for aloofness. Cats see ownership the other way around.

3. Rabbits

A very popular pet in the UK. They’re as soft as puppies, as quiet as cats, and don’t need much room.

4. Birds

Colorful and excitable, birds can be a lot of fun to watch. Some can be kind of harsh on the ears, though.

5. Hamsters

Tiny, furry, and easy to take care of, hamsters will often be a child’s first pet. Plus, your whole room will smell like cedar.

6. Fish

I would only keep fish to have an excuse to get more bubbly toys and black light props for my aquarium.

7. Lizards

As someone who feels the cold acutely, lizards are my spirit animal. If I could go out and sun on a rock to store up heat, I would.

8. Snakes

It takes a special kind of person to keep snakes as a pet. Good for you!

9. The Whole Zoo

Have your own menagerie? Look through these hand painted animal mugs.

10. Conservation

If you think we have the responsibility to care for all animals, not just those under our roof, these might be the mugs for you.

You can search for other animals, specific breeds, or more of the above from our home page. Need more than one? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!