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Better than Apples

(I usually don’t mention current events because I never know when these are going to be read, but I will today.)

As I write this, the world is trying to deal with a global virus. Non-essential businesses are closing, stay-at-home orders are being issued, and we’re all discovering how many of those jobs your boss said couldn’t be done remotely can actually be done remotely. Another big impact has been the closing of the schools. Everyone is trying to figure out how this affects student standing, exams, graduation, and more.

My child’s school just happened to be testing a technology initiative when all of this happened. Every student was issued a tablet computer at the beginning of the year, and all written work was assigned, completed, and submitted online. We already had home-based “e-learning” days on the calendar, so now they all are. The teachers are still developing lesson plans, and are available for teleconferencing if students have questions. That is some amazing dedication. The students might be irritated that they still have to work, but we parents are happy.

May 5 is National Teacher's Day, where we celebrate the work our educators do. We may not be able to get together in a large group to have a recognition service, but we can still let them know how much they’re appreciated. Check out some of our Teacher mugs!

1. Saving the Day

As modern day heroes, teachers are right up there with medical professionals and firefighters.

2. L is for Listening

It’s always disheartening to see red pen all over your essay, but that’s what learning is all about.

3. Shaping the Future

If you think about it, it’s kind of scary how much power teachers have. They control our children’s thoughts. I’m glad they use it for good.

4. Definition

Our local paper has an entire section dedicated to Education. Our teachers get featured, so their contributions to the community aren’t completely unnoticed.

5. Down Time

Unfortunately, they can’t be completely idle. Lesson plans don’t write themselves.

6. Extra Helpings

How about a day between Friday and Saturday called Teacherday? We’d have a three-day weekend every week!

7. Harder than it Looks

With changing qualification standards, continuing education courses, and evaluation of new material, teachers are every bit a student as their actual students.

8. Secret Codes

I am sure my teachers wished I’d had access to a typewriter whenever I turned in an essay. And my handwriting hasn’t gotten any better over the years. Yay, computers!

9. Strong Roots

At the very least, if you can read, you can always learn something new. So thank the one that taught you (or your kids) how to read.

10. Special Guest Star

They’re ready to step in and cover any class to keep the education going, and they are almost never in the spotlight.

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