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Beware the Grue

The current video game controllers intimidate me, with all of their sticks and buttons and triggers and switches. My kids can use them like they were a part of their hand, but I grew up when games only needed a single joystick and a fire button. Even now, I tend to play games that rely on the mouse, or maybe the arrow keys and the space bar. Anything more complicated and I’ll tie my fingers in knots. I even go all the way back to the text-based games sometimes, where being able to type “GO NORTH” is as coordinated as you need to be. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid the grue, and maybe even get the fish in your ear. If you’re old, a geek, or an old geek, you’ll understand both of those references.

July 8 is Video Games Day, so make sure you’ve got your gaming fuel handy in one of our great Gamer mugs!

1. The Big Room

And everybody looked at me funny when I brought my crossbow to the board meeting.

2. My Own World

I’m defending the galaxy over here. The dishes can wait.

3. An Educational Hobby

Nobody likes campers, ignore trash talk, share the loot, and don’t shoot your teammates.

4. Decompression in Progress

We all need stress relief.

5. We Hate Swimming

You’re never going to satisfy every fanboy out there, but think real carefully before you add a water level to your game.

This is just a short list of the video game mugs we carry. Want some for your whole horde? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!