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Bit By Byte

You know how, the longer you have a car, the messier it gets? Your kids spill something or you track mud in or there are empty drink cans and old receipts that you’ll throw away “any day now”. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you just have to have it cleaned, if only for peace of mind.

The same thing happens to your computer.

Oh, not the spills or stains; that’s a whole different set of problems. But the slow accumulation of trash? Yep. Every website you visit drops cookies. Installation wizards create folders that stay behind even when you delete the original programs. Errors in the operating system generate log files. None of these things are particularly large in and of themselves, but if you ignore them, they will start dragging down your computer’s performance sooner or later. That’s not even considering the files you create yourself.

February 8 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Time to delete all of the old stuff you don’t need any more, move important files to external storage, and empty the trash bin. At the very least, run the cleaning tools included with your operating system. It’s surprising how much space you can free up. And if all of that sounds intimidating, you can have it done for you. You probably know someone that is good with computers. Bribe them to help you. We suggest a new developer and programmer mug!

1. Neutral

When they’re the only one that can fix your computer, that’s the most important symbol.

2. Toolbox

You deliver the “coffee” part so they can do the “code” part.

3. Break

Sometimes you have to step away from it all and catch your breath.

4. Field

The internet is famous for giving you wrong answers. Let the pro handle it.

5. Three-Finger Salute

A perfect key combination for interrupting work.

That’s just a sample of the fun developer and programmer mugs we have. Hit that link to see all of the rest, or go to our home page to look for other topics. U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so stock up!