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Bits and Pieces

About every six months, I take a day off from work specifically to do computer maintenance. I sort and delete old e-mails, make sure important files are backed up on external drives and/or physical media, update the programs I use and trash the ones I don’t, and other basic cleaning. Not only will this allow me to rapidly get back up and running in the case of a catastrophic meltdown, it also makes the computer work faster and more efficiently by freeing up memory and reducing the load on the processors.

If you’ve ever lost a critical file, been caught in a program crash, or had your computer lock up, you’ll know how important it is to do this regularly. February 10 is Clean Out Your Computer Day, so it’s a great time to get into the habit. And not just the electronic parts, either; clean the hardware, too. Make sure your fans are dust-free and your monitor is clear. If you still use a trackball mouse, you can pop that open and clean the rollers. And you’ll be surprised—possibly disgusted—by all of the things that have fallen into your keyboard. This is also a great time to rearrange your desk and try to tame that spaghetti tangle of cables.

If all of this is beyond your knowledge, or you don’t have the time, there are people that can do it for you. For personal computers, check with an electronics retailer or local computer shop. If it’s a work computer, you probably have I.T. employees that keep up with this kind of stuff in addition to the network programming and developing your platform. Despite their important contributions to the company, these folks are usually overlooked when recognition awards are handed out. Let them know how much they’re appreciated with one of our programmer mugs!

1. Symbol-Minded

Male or female doesn’t matter when it comes to programming and troubleshooting, only whether the code works.

2. Scholar

The internet can help identify a problem, but the explanations can get way too technical pretty quickly. Don’t take the chance of breaking something vital.

3. Told You So

As computers and code get ever more complicated, technicians never have to worry about unemployment.

4. And Enough Time

Sometimes a fix is as easy as reinstalling the program. Sometimes it involves deep dives into legacy code. Keep your technicians caffeinated.

5. Not Binary

Computers may only need two numbers in order to function, but people are a little more social. Treat three of your programmers with this fun set of keyboard command cups and circuit board tray.

This is just a sample of the programmer mugs we carry. Need to order for the whole I.T. department? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!