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Black Friday

They say it’s called that because retailers make their biggest profits the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s usually the color of your eye when some 96-pound grandmother starts using her purse as a siege weapon to open a path to the last Bluetooth-enabled combination electric toothbrush and waffle maker.

Let’s face it, nobody’s most cherished holiday memory starts with “So there we were in a crowd of hundreds, outside the mall at 4 a.m., waiting for the security guards to unlock the doors…”

Personally, I’d much rather sleep late, eat some leftovers, and do all of my shopping online. Make it an entire Cyber Weekend rather than just a Monday. No crowds, no parking nightmares, and a much smaller chance of getting crushed in a doorway.

If you feel the same way, welcome! We’ve got some awesome mugs here that make perfect gifts. Whether you are looking for something Funny or Inspirational, toasting your Profession or favorite Cause, protecting what’s yours with a Personalized mug, or celebrating your Animal pals, we’ve got you covered. You can even Customize a mug with your own pictures and text!

And you won’t have to listen to Christmas music while you shop if you don’t want to.