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Bon Voyage!

January is usually a wet and cold month. When there are huge snow drifts outside, ice on the roads, or single-digit temperatures, I think most of us fantasize about going somewhere warm. Similarly, the day-to-day routines of work and home can get monotonous, and you need some new experiences to recharge.

Everyone has different reasons for picking favorite destinations. You may have family there, or it’s a historical area, or there’s amazing food, or it’s a secluded spot where you can be alone. But picking a destination and actually getting there are two entirely separate processes. If you’re going to a popular place—especially at a time when everyone else is going there, too—tickets and lodging can get very expensive. You have to do a lot of research and comparisons to put together the perfect getaway.

January 14 is Shop for Travel Day, so grab some coffee in your new travel mug and hit those vacation websites!

1. Reality, Yuck!

We’ve all been there. Desperate to get away to anywhere else but don’t have the cash to cover it. That just makes me work harder.

2. Up for Adventure

If you keep your passport up-to-date and have a carry-on bag ready to go at all times, this mug is for you.

3. Itinerary

The first time I used a travel agent, I was blown away by how much she saved me on my trip. These folks are amazing, so talk to one about your plans.

4. Monetized

This is the dream, isn’t it? To turn the thing you love into your job? Find a niche and go for it!

5. Have Party - Will Travel

Make some new friends and be prepared to celebrate wherever you find yourself with this shot glass set.

6. Wanderlust

Hikers and campers will love this lightweight mug. The carabiner handle clips to your pack, lanyard, belt loops, etc.

7. Daily Commute

This is the travel no one enjoys: getting from home to work. If your everyday trip is a lengthy one, be sure to fill this oversized tumbler before you leave. More tumblers can be found here.

8. Business. Class.

An upgrade to the tumbler above, this one comes with its own infuser, and the leak-proof lid keeps your beverage where it belongs . And it looks good, too.

You can find the rest of our travel mugs here! And if you’re buying for a travel buddy or group, remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping! Now, if we could only figure out how to ship ourselves for free…