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Book It

When I moved into my new house, I had one more bedroom than in the old one. This room immediately became my home office, because that sounds more grown-up than “man cave.” My desk sits at one end of the room, holding my work computer and calendars. On the other end is a very comfortable (read: “ugly”) couch, a coffee table, a small television on the wall, and my personal computer. Every other bit of wall space is taken up by bookcases.

My bookcases are organized by genre—science fiction on this one, mysteries on that one—and the books themselves are grouped by author or, in the case of reference books, by subject. I even have a baker’s rack in the kitchen filled with cookbooks organized by cuisine or cooking method.

In addition to reading for work, it’s also my preferred downtime activity. I always have several going—next to the couch, on my nightstand, on my Kindle app. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Read. Long line at the DMV? Read. Water not boiling yet? Read. Commercial break? Well… you know.

August 9th is Book Lovers’ Day, so celebrate by curling up on the couch with your favorite author and a fresh cup of coffee!

1. Travel Plans

I visited King Arthur’s court, an uncharted planet, Mordor, and the 1893 World’s Fair this weekend. How about you?

2. Shhhh!

I know it’s frustrating that your favorite author still hasn’t released the next book in the series, but settle down.

3. Geek Pride

For whatever reason, readers get bullied a lot in school, and Heaven help you if you’ve got a stack of comics or a role playing game manual in your backpack. As kids, we just put up with it. As adults, we own it.

4. Masters of the Dewey Decimal System

As a freelance writer, I have to be able to write on a wide variety of topics. My local librarians never know if I’m going to ask for books on business management, Gothic architecture, home gardening, military strategy, etc., etc.

5. Reaching for Knowledge

I think it’s every reader’s dream to have bookcases so tall you need one of those sliding ladders on rails.

These are just a few of the mugs we have celebrating books, and the librarians that help us find the great ones! And you can get any of these designs on a custom T-shirt, too!