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Bows, Bullets, and Bait

Most of my life has been spent in rural areas, so I know a great many hunters and fishermen. For some, it was their way of providing food for the family. For most, it was a social hobby—a reason to get outside with friends. I’ve never had the patience to track an animal through the woods or wait for a fish to bite, but I understand the excitement and the camaraderie.

I know folks that use bows, others that use guns. Some fly fish, others deep-sea fish. There is one thing that they all have in common, though. Every one of them keeps a huge thermos of coffee in their kits.

September 22 is National Hunting and Fishing Day, so make sure you and your friends have mugs to fuel up with!

1. Darwin in Action

If civilization falls, you’ll either need to feed yourself or fight off zombies. Either way, better practice now.

2. Hurry up, calendar!

In my neck of the woods, bow hunting season starts two months before gun hunting season. I know plenty of people that do both just to enjoy more weekends in the backcountry.

3. Healthy Choices

Not only is wild game generally healthier for you, if everyone had to hunt, dress, and cook their own food, obesity would be a thing of the past.

4. For the Cook

I said above that I don’t have the patience for the actual hunt, but I am a heck of a camp steward. Supplies stay stocked and organized, meals are awesome, and the coffee pot is always full.

5. The Art of Manliness

I’ll never forget how excited I was the day I finally shot my dinner. Totally worth getting banned from that grocery store.

6. IDK

My cat asks me the same question every night.

7. Wise Words

Keep this in mind whenever religion, politics, or football comes up.

8. Over there. Really.

Gotta protect those secret spots. If everybody fished them, no one would catch anything.

9. Don’t Spook Them

We can chat back at camp.

10. Contrary Opinion

Just ask the Game Warden.

These are just some of the hunting and fishing mugs we have available. Dressing in layers when you go out? We have custom T-shirts, too!