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Brew D'état

It’s a friendly rivalry, with coffee drinkers on one side and tea aficionados on the other. Even within those different groups, there are heated arguments about the best blends, temperature, additives, brewing methods… probably the correct color of the cups, too. People get passionate.

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both beverages. Have an energizing cup of coffee to get revved up in the morning, and a soothing cup of tea in the evening to unwind.

We celebrate coffee a lot here, obviously, but we try to be fair. December 15 is International Tea Day, so if you prefer leaves to beans, we have tea stuff for you!

1. Roar!

Scare off anyone that thinks they can use your mug. Then relax with a nice cuppa.

2. Why Be Boring?

Our amusing diver infuser and cute snail tea bag holders will make every tea time fun.

3. Full Service

If your goal is to host your own tea parties, check out our complete tea sets. From traditional to contemporary, there’s a set for all tastes.

4. Small Sets

For the folks that don’t need (or want) to go all-in with pitchers and jugs and such, we have cup and saucer sets for two or four. Multiple patterns available.

5. Tea To Go

Bring your favorite blend along. The built-in infuser keeps your beverage fresh while traveling.

This is just a sample of the tea products we carry. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so go ahead and get one for coffee and one for tea!