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Bringing Home the Bacon

And the cheese. And the carrots. And the chicken. And whatever else is on the menu this week.

I enjoy cooking. I like trying out different cuisines and fancy dishes as much as I enjoy the comfort foods and standard fare that require no thought or effort. The top shelf of my baker’s rack is dedicated to cookbooks. While I usually go online to find new recipes—because videos are very helpful—I have accumulated some favorite books over the years. Some of them have such beautiful photography they are practically travel guides. Some explore the history of each dish and ingredient. The one I refer to the most is the one with my family recipes in it: my mom’s favorite casseroles; my grandmother’s Christmas candy; a few from my own experiments.

October 12 is Cookbook Day, so if you’re like me and enjoy creating in the kitchen, check out these Chef and Cook mugs!

1. Directions

Part of learning to cook well involves figuring out which instructions you can get creative with, and which you should follow exactly.

2. No Poking or Taunting

Why would you annoy the person making your food? That’s just asking for trouble.

3. Deference

It’s fun to cook with another person, but decide beforehand who has the final word in the process.

4. Learning

I’m pretty sure I know what happened last time. Honest. Now taste this.

5. For the Big Cheese

My grater probably gets more use than any other tool.

6. Woo with Food

If your significant other is a master of the kitchen, consider yourself lucky. Also available in a Wife version.

7. Domain

I’ve got everything stored exactly where I want it, so don’t mess.

8. Ding!

How else are you supposed to know when the blackened fish is done?

9. Consequences

Sometimes the only menu choices you have are “take it or leave it.”

10. Sorely Tested

How about I just cook for my family and avoid homework and exams?

This is just a sample of the Chef and Cook mugs we stock. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!