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Building the Future

Have you ever stopped to think about the enormous power we give our teachers? They are literally shaping the minds of our children. We trust them to teach our kids critical thinking, how to read and calculate, important history, and basic research skills. One way of looking at it is that they are training an army to take over government, business, the sciences, and even future education. Fortunately, that’s been a benign goal to this point.

August is Back to School Month. It’s probably a good idea to thank your local educators for not taking over with a fun teacher mug!

1. Expert

Teachers study hard to learn how to educate effectively. Work with them; don’t argue with them.

2. Follow the Leader

Teachers want the kids to succeed, and do everything they can to give them the tools they need. You have to use them correctly, though.

3. Crimson Horror

My favorite English teacher used red for mistakes, but also green for encouragement and praise. It made us try harder and not get so discouraged. Great system.

4. Planting Seeds

Even if you can’t point to a specific teacher or lesson, you probably still do some things in a certain way because of them.

5. Beware!

Every school has those teachers. It’s usually because they’re good teachers that don’t let the kids slack off.

We have a lot more designs for our teacher mugs. You can see the whole collection by clicking HERE. Need a gift for someone else? You can do more detailed searches from our Home Page. U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, too. Your maths teacher would tell you that’s a great deal!