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Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

They’ve been worshipped as gods. They have their own award-winning Broadway show. They’re the reason the internet was invented.

Sunday, October 29 is National Cat Day. Get the fancy kibble out, put on The Aristocats or Puss in Boots, and spend the day cuddled up with your beloved feline!

Since cats have nine lives, here are nine great cat mugs honoring our four-legged masters!

1. Tall Tails

Beverage container or awesome little votive display? You decide!

2. What we do does not define us.

We’re only working so Their Majesty can be pampered in the proper manner, anyway. Also available with Nurse and Doctor.

3. Keep your friends close and your cats closer.

And I’m kind of on the fence about those three most days.

4. Is it me you’re looking for?

Get your anime on with one of the most popular and enduring characters.

5. Curmudgeon and proud!

The internet’s favorite cat celebrates the cynic in all of us.

6. Squee!

I can’t even think of a funny comment in the face of how cute this is.

7. Role Models

Cats definitely have the right idea, here.

8. It’s the same in any language.

The more people you meet, the more you like your cat.

9. The Art of the Cat

For when you can’t be with your furry friend.

These are just a few of our fantastic cat mugs. If you’d like to celebrate a particular breed, or put pictures of Fluffy or Whiskers on your cup, we offer Customized Mugs, too!