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Celebrate International Coffee Day!

International Coffee Day is Friday, September 29! When it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, we can all agree that no one will agree on what makes the perfect cup of coffee.
French press, cold brewed, exotic beans, milk, cream, sugar… there are so many choices! For me, it’s a robust dark roast brewed so strong that you have to stir it with a wooden spoon because it dissolves metal.
Presentation is important, too. My go-to vessel is a thick, heavy, porcelain mug. It keeps my java contained, and makes a handy weapon if someone wants to discuss actual work before I’m fully awake.
If you’re like me in that you’re not technically a human being until that first jolt of caffeine hits your bloodstream, you probably rely on non-verbal communication first thing in the morning. Let your coffee mug do the talking for you!
We have a great collection of funny and inspiring designs. You’re sure to find the right one for you or your friends and family.








  • Toast your four-footed friends with an animal mug:



  • For those days when everything is a struggle, keep going with an inspirational mug:



  • For those days when everything is hilarious, try one of our funny mugs:


Get a little fancy with a monogrammed mug:



And so many more! Whatever the occasion, you will find the perfect mug to celebrate it. And remember, if you don’t see just the right one on our list, we also offer Customized Mugs and Gift Cards!