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For most kids, I think, their bicycle is their first real taste of independence. Suddenly, you have a lot more options for exploring because you can go farther faster.

On Saturdays, my crew and I would grab our bikes and ride down to the local video game arcade, where we’d blow our allowances on junk food and 8-bit combat. The rest of the day would be spent racing each other, practicing tricks, and looking for things to jump over. We all had secondhand Huffy bikes, either passed down from older siblings or picked up at a yard sale, and they were valiant steeds in our eyes. Brian had an air pump mounted on his, and Jason had a repair kit. They kept us rolling. Eric’s bike had a basket behind the seat, so he always carried our “gear” (toys), and I had a battery-powered headlamp, so I’d take point when it started getting dark.

Over the years, we upgraded from basic single-gear to ten-speed models, trail bikes, and racers. As very young teens, we graduated to mopeds and go-karts and the heady rush of having actual horsepower. We still headed out together on Saturday mornings, but our first stop was the gas station instead of the arcade. We also learned that repairing a broken moped was beyond our skills. Fortunately, we still had our old bikes as backup.

May is National Bike Month, so if you or someone you know is still addicted to pedal power—either as a daily commute or as a recreational activity—grab one of our Bike mugs!

1. Escape the Cubicle

Sometimes you just have to break free of the office and ride away.

2. Trailblazing

Mountain biking combines the best of both worlds. Faster travel through the backcountry.

3. Tell Me More

Though I’m sure your topic is important, too. No really.

4. The Journey is the Destination

There’s something about bicycling that makes you enjoy the traveling more than just trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.

5. Obsession

A friend of a friend is a bike racer, and he’s always tinkering with different gear to try and shave down his time.

These are just a few examples of the great Bicycling mugs we carry. Need more than one for your own crew? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!