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Chalk Dust and Essays

Teachers have a lot of duties piled up on them. They’re expected to be educators, role models, temporary parental figures, caregivers, and more. They spend their weekends and summers grading papers, developing lesson plans, attending certification classes, and reviewing textbooks. They have to make do with limited supplies, too little funding, and political and parental interference. No one goes into teaching for the glamour. No one becomes a teacher to get rich. They do it because they’re dedicated to the kids.

Teachers never know what might strike a spark in a particular student. It might be an organized lesson; it might be a project; it could just be a casual comment in the hallway. When it’s recognized, though, they pour on the encouragement and support.

I had two exceptional teachers in my schooling. The first unlocked writing for me. She taught me how to organize essays and position papers, and when it was okay to break the “rules” of grammar. The second was a college professor who passed on some basic life advice as an aside during a lecture. He said the best way to be happy was to find out how to get people to pay you for doing what you love.

May 7 is National Teacher’s Day, so if you (or your kids) have an awesome teacher in your life, show them how much they’re appreciated with one of our great Teacher mugs!

1. No Helicopter Parents

Parents would do well to listen to the teachers about what’s best for the kids. They’re the ones with the professional degree.

2. Mind Control

They have the ability to implant knowledge directly into your brain!

3. Pay Attention

Because life doesn’t grade on a curve.

4. Knowledge is Power

When you stop learning, you stop growing. A good teacher encourages a lifetime of growth.

5. Respect the Desk

Teachers should have more statues dedicated to them.

6. It’s Bleeding!

Every student dreads seeing their first draft (or the final exam!) looking like a victim.

7. Guest Stars

Your child might not see them every day, but they’re leading a class somewhere, and they deserve as much applause as the regular teachers.

8. Monday Already?

By the time all the work is done, it’s time to go back to work.

9. It’s not Acute Mug

Because math puns are always fun.

10. Admin Agonies

Let’s not forget the Principals, Counselors, and the rest of the support staff.

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