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Chips (No Dip)

I remember writing my homework assignments by hand in middle school. After I started high school, one of my friends got a computer and dot matrix printer. We probably spent more time trying to adjust margins and line up the paper correctly than it ever took us with a pen. By the time I got into college, I had acquired an electric typewriter with a little bit of memory, some basic formatting options, and a small LCD screen that could display about ten characters. I could type an entire essay into the thing before starting the print job. Of course, having such a small screen meant there was no good way to proof the papers before printing.

Now, of course, I use a laptop computer and a word processing program. I have the whole page laid out in front of me, with automatic spelling and grammar checks that alert me if something might be wrong. Margins, line breaks, and font formatting are extremely easy to change, and I can drop in charts, pictures, and other objects. The more I dug into the program, the more functions I discovered. It really is a powerful piece of software, and I am thankful for the programmers that built it.

October is Computer Learning Month. I’m assuming that means us learning our computers, and not the computers learning. Many science fiction books and movies suggest that would be a bad idea. If you enjoy using a computer at work, let your IT department know how much you appreciate them with these computer-themed Developer and Programmer mugs!

1. Symbol-Minded

There aren’t many women in IT departments, but the really popular coding languages were all created by women. Think about that the next time someone paints all women as illogical.

2. Then a Miracle Occurs

A friend is a programmer, and this happens to him all the time. It’s a bit worrisome since he works for a bank, but so far so good.

3. If Else

It’s written in Java! Get it?

4. Sunshine!

Programmers tend to stay indoors because there’s always something else to be worked on. Make sure your guys go outside once in a while.

5. Easy Fix

Do we really need to keep the line for mosquitoes?

6. ID10T

Working computer tech support will constantly frustrate and surprise you, but it’s also rewarding to be able to solve peoples’ problems.

7. That’s why they’re there.

What’s the point of consulting experts if you don’t follow their instructions?

8. Three Finger Salute

It’s everybody’s favorite key combination in a set of mugs!

9. How do you…

It’s easy to find answers online. It’s a bit harder to find correct answers.

10. This bytes.

It can be tough to maintain enthusiasm for something when you get into the minutia.

This is just a sample of the Computer, Programmer and Developer mugs we carry. Need more than one? Great! U.S. orders of two or more get free shipping!