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Emergency nursing has only been recognized as a specialty for about a decade. It is a challenging position requiring flexibility, a wide range of treatment and triage knowledge, and vast amounts of empathy. Most patients at the emergency department had not planned on being there (hence: emergency), and require immediate help and advocacy. The emergency nurse never knows what will come through the doors. It might be trauma, or an infectious disease. It could be a chronic condition that has flared up, or mysterious pain that struck out of nowhere. It might not even be a physical condition, as psychiatric patients often arrive at the emergency department. Whatever the condition, the emergency nurse must be ready to deliver the best treatment, patiently, kindly, and effectively.

October 9 is Emergency Nurses Day, and while they deserve their recognition, of course, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate all nurses. Check out these great Nursing mugs!

1. Actually…

While it can be helpful to do some research, WebMD is not a real medical resource. Talk to your nurse. Then listen to them.

2. The Plan

Whatever keeps our nurses motivated and happy. We need them.

3. Put It Away

For some reason, medical practitioners seem especially prone to people interrupting their time away from work with health questions. Don’t be one of those people.

4. Fill ‘er Up

Shifts can be very long. Make sure your nurses have enough coffee to get them through it.

5. Limits

When you get that calm, that’s when your nurses rev up.

6. Just Another Day

What did you do today?

7. All Relative

Never be embarrassed to talk to your nurse; they’ve seen it all. They also don’t judge.

8. Options

There’s more than one way to get the patient to cooperate.

9. Suddenly, bureaucracy!

This is fun, and we’re having it.

10. Support

It can be difficult to be a nurse’s spouse. You should be recognized, too.

This is just a sample of the fun Nurse mugs we carry. Have more than one in your family or on your team? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping! That’s nothing to sneeze at.