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Coffee Tastes Better in These 5 Funny Mugs

If you ask a dozen people how they like their coffee, somehow you'll get twenty different opinions on what makes the perfect cup of joe. I once saw my coworkers get into such an intense fistfight over the difference between Arabica and Sumatran beans that the police had to break it up.

Basically what I'm saying is that coffee drinkers are passionate about their beverage.

I might not be able to get into the science of what makes a great cup of coffee, but I can tell you that I think even the worst drink in the world can be improved by a great serving vessel. If nothing else, it gives you something to laugh about while you're choking down bitter bean juice.

Here are 5 mugs that are guaranteed to give you a chuckle between sips.


1. "You May Speak Now" Mug

Finally, a handy guide to exactly how much social interaction you should have.

You May Speak Now Mug

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2. The "Wake Up" Mug

If only coffee made the bags under my eyes disappear as quickly as the mug's...

Wake Up Mug

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3. "Shaving Says A Lot About A Man" Mug

Even your coffee mug deserves a manly beard.

Shaving Mug Beard Version

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4. "I Do What I Want" Mug

If you've ever spent any amount of time with a cat, you know this is their default state.

I Do What I Want Mug

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5. "The Prescription" Mug

When your need for coffee reaches critical levels, it's nice to know Dr. Feelgood has your back.

Prescription Mug

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Nothing like comedy to make life a little less bitter.

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