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Columbus Day is Monday, October 9th!

In 1492, a lost Italian navigator walked onto an island, called it San Salvador (it wasn’t), decided the local Lucayan people were Indian (they weren’t), and assumed lifetime governorship (which lasted until he was forcibly removed from the post seven years later). He was so completely wrong about everything that the continent was named after someone else's clerk in 1503.

So…take the day off, I guess?

There are two ways you can celebrate Columbus Day:

1. Find someone that has a mug you like. Capture them and steal it. We don’t recommend this.
2. Take a trip to a new place. This one, we can help with.

We have a great collection of travel mugs to keep your favorite beverage safely contained, even if you run into a storm at sea. Oh, and speaking of all things ship-related, you get free USA shipping if you order two or more. (That’s the United States of Amerigo Vespucci, the aforementioned clerk.)

1. Fuel Up

Whether you’re braving morning traffic or trying to stay awake during the dog watch, this mug will keep your coffee hot and handy. More lawyer mugs are here.

2. Mine!

Tell would-be conquerors to keep their mitts off of your mug with a stylish monogram.

3. Clip It Good

If your travel plans involve any hiking, keep your mug safely clipped to your belt or pack with its carabiner handle.

4. Modern Office Camouflage

As much as we love our coffee, sometimes it just isn’t enough. More tumblers are here.

5. Shots herded ‘round the world

For the best in mobile party gear, get this set of four stainless steel shot glasses with their own zippered travel case.

These are just a few of the travel mugs we have in stock. If you can’t find one that you like, Customized Mugs are also available.