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Comfort Food

In my early days as a single dad, I spent a lot of time developing a menu. I looked through recipes, evaluated the grocery options nearby, worked out a budget… the whole deal. I was very proud of my two-week rotation. Different meats, a variety of veggies, even a couple of meals a month just for “junk food” to make the kids happy.

Then I showed it to a nutritionist.

Her first comment was “You’re not home cooking; you’re home heating. She pointed out that the breaded chicken patties I served as a “real” meal were no different than the nuggets I served on the junk food day. My pantry was full of cans, and my freezer stocked with boxed meals. She started adding up things like sodium intake and calorie counts and I surrendered. I offered her dinner at her favorite fancy restaurant to fix my menu, learned how to really cook rather than just defrost, and we’re all the better for it.

March is National Nutrition Month, so if you need to review your dinner choices, sit down with a cup of coffee in one of these great mugs!


On the face of it, you’d think it’d be easy to craft a well-balanced meal, but with different starches, good and bad cholesterol, not to mention potential prescription interactions or allergy considerations, it gets complicated fast.

2. All parents everywhere

Every kid turns up their nose at “weird” veggies. Whenever I want to introduce a new food to the kids, I start by dicing it up and hiding it in stews, then slowly using bigger pieces. When they balk, I point out that they’ve been eating it for months.

3. Gone to get supper. Back in three days.

Venison is much leaner than beef, so if you need to lighten up on your fat intake, it’s a great choice. And if you decide to hunt it down on your own, you get exercise, too.

4. It slices! It dices!

I have a weakness for gadgets, so I’m a little surprised I didn’t get into cooking much sooner. Nothing beats a good chef’s knife, though.

5. Just say “Thank you.”

I try to offer my kids choices for meals, but sometimes those choices are “take it or leave it.”

These are just a few of the cooking and chef mugs we have available. We can also customize a mug with the name of your resident culinary master, a favorite recipe, or more!