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Confound It!

My mother would yell this whenever a puzzle gave her trouble. She enjoyed both jigsaws and crosswords, and I won Christmas the year I gave her a jigsaw puzzle of a crossword. I grew up playing games and working puzzles, and I don’t know what our dining table looked like because it was covered with the paraphernalia. Our family reunions always involved cards, dice, backgammon, etc., and there was usually a race for the Sunday paper because it had the best crossword.

Now I have my phone loaded with different puzzle apps, and can work on a crossword or Sudoku whenever I have some free time. I used to have game apps, too, but the drawback to playing against the computer is that it turns you into a bloodthirsty, “take no prisoners” competitor who’s no fun to play with.

January 29 is National Puzzle Day. If you like jigsaws, logic puzzles, or some other type of brain teaser, if the weather’s nasty, it’s a great excuse to stay inside and play. And you’ll want your favorite beverage handy, so check out these puzzle mugs!

1. Prepared

Find your kindred spirits by putting the question out there.

2. Either Works

Everyone has their own obsession. Yours just comes in 1000 pieces.

3. 9-5

I’ll be in the office just as soon as I find a nine-letter word that means “ringed garment.”

4. Brain Freeze

I know I know this word. I just can’t remember it. I hate drawing a blank on the very first clue.

5. Relaxed

Unlike a lot of things, you can actually see progress when you work on a puzzle. It’s encouraging.

This is just a short sampling of the fun puzzle mugs we offer. Have a family of puzzlers? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That’ll save you enough money for a few Sunday papers!