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Don’t you love the internet? No other invention has allowed people to so easily find others all around the world with similar interests and hobbies… and argue with them.

No matter what topic is under discussion, message boards and comment threads will inevitably develop two or three factions, each of them insisting that they are right and everyone else is being stubbornly blind to their brilliance. Arguments are made, links are deployed, alt accounts are created, and no one backs down even a hair.

The internet makes it very easy to go out and find information. Anyone can be an instant expert with a few deft keystrokes. That is, as long as you define “expert” as “I read about this once” and not “I have formal education and professional experience on this exact subject.” Reasonable people can disagree, but when all is said and done, the one with the degree probably knows more than the guy with the folder full of blog bookmarks.

I know I’m not the only person to run into this, because our My Degree mugs are our second-best sellers!

Dr. Google, Esq.

Monday morning quarterbacking is well known. The day after a big game, someone at the office will be explaining how they would have called different plays to drive the team to victory. I’m sure every profession has their own version of it, but lawyers and doctors seem to put up with more than their fair share. The World Wide Web is full of “one weird trick!” and “startling loophole!” sites, because the internet is advertising writ large, and nothing gets clicks faster than a promised easy solution. Remember this, though: There is no fact-checking requirement online; anyone can publish anything they want.

By all means, if you want to do some research before you go see your lawyer, doctor, accountant, or other professional, have at it. It’s good to have an idea of your options. However, if they counsel against a particular course of action, it’s probably best to just listen to them. That’s why they’re there, after all.

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