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Countdown to Christmas: 42

We always had a house full of animals when I was growing up. Dogs and cats, mostly, but with the odd lizard or hamster here and there, too. I might not have enjoyed taking them out when it was raining or cold, but they were great companions, and I never resented the chore. Mom always said they were the younger brothers and sisters I never had. And if I occasionally used them as scapegoats to explain a broken lamp or a spill on the carpet, well, they were the younger brothers and sisters I never had.

If you agree that a house isn’t a home without the fur-children, we have mugs for you! Dogs and cats, of course, but lots of other animals, too! With that in mind, have a look at today’s best seller!

Four-Legged Kids

Our customers prefer dogs to cats by a very slight margin, and we sell more of this mug than any of our other animal mugs. Most people have a favorite breed (just type yours in the search box on our main page), but there are a lot of people who love them all. Purebred or mutt, it doesn’t matter. This mug makes a great gift for you or anyone else that appreciates all things canine!