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Countdown to Christmas: 49

I’m one of those annoying people that gets all of their Christmas shopping done early. I know, I know. I keep a list of things my friends and family have mentioned wanting, and I just go online and order it. Everything comes directly to me, and I wrap it and stack it all in the closet until the tree goes up.

Part of it is that I have to drive thirty minutes to get to a decent mall. Small-town life has its advantages, but a wide variety of shopping isn’t one of them. I’d rather spend the day after Thanksgiving watching movies on the couch than in traffic or fighting crowds. The other part is that I don’t have to scramble for a last-minute replacement gift when I discover that the Bluetooth-enabled cheese graters (or whatever gadget is this year’s “must have”) are all sold out.

You can get some of your shopping done early with our great mugs!


We sell a lot of these. Our customers have attitude to spare. They’re self-confident and don’t suffer fools. And if someone objects to a comment or opinion, hey… they can’t say they weren’t warned. Pick up one of these mugs and let the world know that you’re going to meet it on your terms. Get one for you and your BFF and get free shipping in the U.S., too!