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Warning: Adult language ahead

There’s no such thing as a “bad” word; there’s only inappropriate usage. Cursing has been part of every language from the beginning, because sometimes other people just piss us off. Publishers and broadcasters have wrestled with ways to convey someone cussing without giving offense, leading to bleeps in radio and television presentations, and the @#$% (called a “grawlix”) that pops up in comic strips. Shakespeare coined the word “zounds!” as a contraction of “God’s wounds!”, and we’ve all seen newspaper articles refer to “the N-word” or “the F-word.”

I forget the title, but I recall a movie in which a witness at court called the defendant an “asshole.” The attorney for the defendant objected, and moved to have the comment struck. The prosecuting attorney argued that no other word accurately depicted the witness’ characterization. After a day-long sidebar involving a thesaurus and a dictionary, the judge eventually agreed.

In addition to making jokes that much funnier, recent studies have shown that cursing is also an effective coping strategy for pain, frustration, anger, and helplessness. Where do most of us feel that way? At work! Rather than cussing a blue streak at your coworkers (no matter how good it would feel), let these mugs speak for you.

1. Getting strong now

Cuss words are amplifiers. Don’t be mealy-mouthed about your commitment; show the world you can’t be stopped.

2. The whole package

I figure if people didn’t want me to be so sarcastic, they wouldn’t be so stupid.

3. According to Hoyle

The perfect gift for “rules lawyers,” internet trolls, busybodies, and other irritating folks. Or, your favorite accountant.

4. Another meeting?

Most of try to be tolerant and accommodating, because we all have to live together, but sometimes you just can’t deal with someone else’s crap.

5. Bad-itude

I have to admit, there’s a power and freedom that comes from fully embracing your misanthropic side. It might cut down on your social calendar a bit, but no one is ever confused about what to expect.

6. Sleep? What sleep?

If it was easy, everyone would do it. You’re entitled to some cussing. Maybe not directly at the patients, though…

7. DIY

Tell your coworkers to do their own jobs, stop volunteering you, and leave the band candy at home.

8. It takes (more than) two

When words, even very strong words, aren’t enough, add some creative hand gestures to help illustrate your position.

9. The invisible hand

Anyone that’s had to deal with unpleasant and power-mad managers will nod knowingly at this mug.

As you can see, we have mugs that will tell it like it is. If you’re looking for other ways to say what’s on your mind, check out our entire collection here! Got a favorite dirty joke? We can customize any mug, too!