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Drug, Poison, Spell

Those are the original definitions of the Greek word pharmakon, which is at the root of “pharmacy.” There’s also a connection to human sacrifice, but let’s skip over that. If you’ve ever lain awake at night (and it’s always worse at night) with a toothache, mysterious pain, upset stomach, or other ailment, you get pretty desperate for some outside agency to make it stop. Since spells don’t work and poisons are fatal, that leaves drugs.

The 2021 edition of a popular drug guide for nurses contains information about more than 4200 different medicines. That’s an increase of almost 1000 from the 2019 edition. There are very few conditions that can’t be moderated—if not completely eliminated—with the right treatment. You’ll probably get your prescriptions from your doctor, but it’s the pharmacist that will mix and fill them. They will also alert you to potential adverse effects or interactions. They are an extremely important part of your comprehensive medical care, and deserve some recognition.

September 25 is World Pharmacist Day, so whether you call them an apothecary, chemist, or pharmacist, surprise them with one of our fun pharmacist mugs!

1. Use the Numbers

Drug names, especially the generic versions, can get quite complicated. It’s much easier to read off a dozen digits instead.

2. Oops

They also have the option of replacing them all with placebos. Just be nice to everyone, okay?

3. Repeat as Needed

You definitely don’t want to mess with that order of doing things.

4. Unlimited Refills

Coffee is one of the cheapest stimulants available over the counter.

5. Sure You Are

If you’re going to try and scam a pharmacist, you’re going to need the help of an actual doctor. Good luck with that.

6. Technically Correct, But

But it’s fun to watch people’s faces when you tell them what you do.

7. Fillus Interruptus

Pharmacies have junior techs and assistants for a reason.

8. Active Ingredients

Like the pamphlets you get with each prescription, this is the information you need to know what to expect.

9. Don’t Cross It

Anyone else ever get the ‘what the hell were you thinking’ speech from your parents? Most of us grow out of the daredevil phase.

10. Cramming for Finals

Pharmacists have to learn chemistry, biology, law, business, and more. Some quiet would be appreciated. Future patients thank you.

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