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They’re the biggest land animal, can “hear” with their feet, and have more than 100,000 muscles in their nose, which is articulate enough to pick up a quarter and strong enough to lift a tree trunk.

Elephants, obviously.

My grandmother collected elephants. She had shelves full of figurines carved from all kinds of materials, artwork on the walls, and kitchen gear painted with smiling pachyderms. She also donated to conservation funds every year to stop poaching.

As a dad, I collect elephant jokes, because they make my kids groan and roll their eyes at me, which is the whole point of Dad jokes. Ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?

September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day, so if you’re a fan of the ‘phant, be sure to pick up one of our great elephant mugs!

1. Obsession

Everybody has some fixation. If elephants are yours, embrace it proudly.

2. Won’t Tear Me Down

Be the bigger person and ignore the meaningless buzzing. Of course, if all else fails, you can always throw dirt clods at them until they go away.

3. No Poaching!

The African elephant population is increasing, but they are still listed as vulnerable. Asian elephants have a decreasing population, and are listed as endangered.

4. The Tree Bark is Dessert

I successfully used this argument to get my son to eat his veggies after a trip to the zoo.

5. 3D Animal Mug

Shake hands with your favorite critter every time you have your coffee.

This is just a small selection of the elephant mugs we stock. Don’t forget, we also offer our designs as custom T-shirts!