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Farm to Table

If you regularly hit the farmer’s market for your veggies, you already know that they taste far better than the trucked-in produce at the supermarket. They’re usually cheaper, too. Folks that don’t have a local market probably still have a few restaurants that tout their locally-sourced food. The best salad I’ve ever had was at an English pub that had its own garden. Everything in the bowl had been busy growing twenty minutes before the waitress brought it to the table. Same with my favorite family-owned seafood restaurant. Half the family runs the restaurant; the other half spends all day catching that night’s menu. If the crab cakes were any fresher, you’d have to do battle with them before you could eat.

October 12 is Farmer’s Day, so if you enjoy good fresh food, or work to provide it for everyone, check out our Farming mugs!

1. Will Work for Food

You never realize how vulnerable a seed is until you spend a season protecting it from everything that wants to kill it or eat it.

2. The Foundation of Civilization

“What did you do today?” “Shuffled papers. Had a meeting. You?” “Fed people in seventeen countries.” “Oh.”

3. As a matter of fact…

To kids, barns are magical places where jumping from the hayloft is a rite of passage. To adults, it’s just another space to work in.

4. Like a Scarecrow?

If you’ve ever worked a farm—even a small one—you know there’s no time to just stand there.

5. It’s Complicated

I have enough trouble keeping houseplants alive. I can’t imagine being responsible for hundreds of acres of crops.

These are just a few of the Farmer mugs we have available. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!